To us, 'The Yoga Body' is an important and far-reaching concept. Every Body Is A Yoga Body. Whether you can already tie yourself in knots or you struggle to even reach in the vicinity of your toes, your body is a yoga body. At TYB, we're focussed on the real, tangible benefits yoga has, both physically and mentally. We don't buy into rigorous definitions of what yoga should' be or how it should be practiced. Yoga is an implicitly personal experience, and everyone is different.

We do buy into the fact that consistently striving to extend our physical limits while maintaining a positive, empowered, mindful mentality is all that really matters. Expect strenuous, flowing yoga that challenges. Expect tunes. Expect sweat. Expect to be inspired. Expect to feel fantastic.

Hi! I'm Carol. I've been practicing yoga for over 4 years and qualified as a Yoga Alliance certified teacher (RYT) in 2016, specialising in Ashtanga and Vinyasa flow. After first being introduced to yoga by a close friend, I quickly came to appreciate the positive physical and psychological impact it could have on me. In 2017 I started The Yoga Body, with the primary goal of marrying a modern, powerful approach to yoga with a distinct focus on mindfulness and mental calm. Whether you're new to yoga or a seasoned yogi, expect to develop core strength, stability and tone while you work away your stress and tension.

See you on the mat!