Join the team and help us make something great

We're looking for motivated, ambitious yogis to take The Yoga Body to new communities. We found out the hard way - it's tough starting a yoga business. You spend years mastering the craft and plenty of money qualifying, but it quickly becomes apparent that those aren't the only hurdles. You need a website and a booking system. You need to build a social media presence and connect with the local yoga community. You need a constant stream of great imagery. You need to master the dark arts of SEO and paid search. The list goes on...

We started The Yoga Body with a simple goal: to empower yogis to broaden access to yoga while forging a viable career for themselves. We're hoping to grow and nurture a diverse, supportive community that embodies the principle of the sum being greater than its parts.

Join us and stop worrying about all of the extras. We'll help you fill classes and get paid, leaving you to focus on the important bit - teaching yoga! Teach wherever you want, whenever you want, as often as you want.

How it works

The Yoga Body Process

What's the catch?

Well, there isn't one really. After taking payments for the classes you run, first we deduct the cost of hiring the location. Then, we take a small fee (the larger of 5% or £5 per week, up to a maximum of £15) as a contribution to things like card processor fees, Google Adwords, Facebook ads, photography and use of the booking tools.

So, for a fairly standard class of 15 students each paying £7 in a location costing £20/hr we'd expect you'd end up with about £80. Not bad for no admin!

What we provide

Booking system & online payment

The Yoga Body Booking System

Finding a booking system that does everything you need it to do while being easy to use and affordable is tough. We've done the leg work, exhaustively testing until settling on a solution that we think ticks every box. Unlimited appointments, classes & workshops, appointment packages & gift certificates, memberships, online payment, automatic email & text message confirmations / reminders, voucher codes... it really is the bee's knees.

Photography & imagery

The Yoga Body / Brahma Studios

Phone cameras are great, but sometimes you need something a bit special. We have a wonderfully talented in-house photographer so we'll make sure that you're never short of beautiful imagery to advertise you and your classes.

Social media & paid search

The Yoga Body

Making yourself heard is increasingly difficult in the social and web spheres, requiring a technical understanding of paid search, SEO and social media marketing. We're constantly tweaking, improving and expanding our digital marketing, making sure that teachers working with The Yoga Body are the ones people find and fall in love with. We'll make sure that you're able to carve a niche and get ahead in your local community.

Continual development

The Yoga Body

We want to build the best platform possible, and we'll never stop developing. We're committed to building the things we need and making sure that they just 'work', so all you need to worry about is when & where you put on your classes.

Invoicing & accounting

The Yoga Body

There are fewer more frustrating things to have to keep on top of than business admin, particularly accounts & finance. On top of client payments, we'll take care of all of the invoicing related to studio hire, so you don't need to worry about it. Every week, we'll tot up your client attendances, deduct studio hire costs and our small admin fee, then stick the rest straight in your bank. Easy peasy!

The equipment you need

The Yoga Body

Don't let mats hold you back! We'll make sure you have an ample supply of mats so your clients are never caught short, and we'll keep them fresh when they reach retirement age.

Give something back

The Yoga Body

No one should have to miss out because of circumstance. For every 20 classes our teachers run, they agree to run one free class for a local cause or charity. We'll support you in setting up so that you can offer a helping hand to someone who really needs it.

A brilliant team

The Yoga Body

At The Yoga Body, you're not just another cog in the machine; you're part of the family. We're building a team that supports eachother, pulling on the varied and unique skills and experiences of our community to create something truly great. Together we'll grow, only measuring our success in the positive impact we have on our friends, colleagues and clients.

Interested? Drop us a message!

Tell us a bit about yourself and your experience. In particular, we're looking for yogis in Devon, Cornwall & Somerset, but that's definitely not a restriction. We'd love to hear from you, wherever you are in the world!