We're proud of what we're building and we wouldn't be anything without the team of exceptional businesses and individuals who make The Yoga Body what it is

Our Mission

To us, 'The Yoga Body' is an important and far-reaching concept. Every Body Is A Yoga Body. Whether you can already tie yourself in knots or you struggle to even reach in the vicinity of your toes, your body is a yoga body. At TYB, we're focussed on the real, tangible benefits yoga has, both physically and mentally. We don't buy into rigorous definitions of what yoga should' be or how it should be practiced. Yoga is an implicitly personal experience, and everyone is different.

We do buy into the fact that consistently striving to extend our physical limits while maintaining a positive, empowered, mindful mentality is all that really matters. Expect strenuous, flowing yoga that challenges. Expect tunes. Expect sweat. Expect to be inspired. Expect to feel fantastic.

Carol - Founder, Yoga

Carol Snape

Carol founded The Yoga Body in 2017 with the dream of building something special. A community that brings yogis and practitioners together without judgement or pretence, supporting individuals to discover and realise the benefits of yoga to their mental and physical wellbeing.

Marrying a modern, powerful approach to yoga with a distinctive focus on mindfulness and mental calm, Carol's classes are unique, physical and intense. Whether you're new to yoga or a seasoned yogi, expect to develop core strength, stability and tone while you work away your stresses and tensions.

Meg - Yoga

Megan began her yoga journey at university in Manchester when she was looking for a way to combat stress and anxiety. She qualified as a 200hr yoga instructor in 2017 after training with Shades of Yoga, Bali.

Her aim in yoga is to offer a form of therapy to help others alleviate anxieties and the stress of modern life. Meg's upbeat, dynamic teaching style delivers a complete workout, whilst the relaxation and breathing techniques leave you content, happy and grounded.

Megan Baldwin

Laxmi - Yoga

Laxmi Valls

Born into a yoga community in Catalonia, Laxmi naturally discovered yoga as she grew up and it's remained an important part of her life throughout. The introspective, self-reflective nature of yoga are where Laxmi draws most value, using asana as a tool to understand her own mind and body.

In Laxmi's classes you can expect dynamic, exertive movement with a distinct, characteristic focus on the meditative state and awareness of the inner self. With her uniquely calming aura, Laxmi's classes will leave you feeling wholesome and invigorated.

Alby - Yoga

Alby was fortunate to attend an alternative school where yoga was on the curriculum, so it has been a part of his life since the age of 13. Daily dedication to well-being and the feeling of revitalisation after savasana (relaxation) continue to bring Alby back to the mat.

Alby will help you evolve in mind, body and spirit, no matter your experience. As he puts it 'expect smiles, expect love, expect sweat.'. Whether you're a beginner seeking guidance or an expert after a challenge, Alby will welcome you with open arms, guide you to your goals and help you to nurture yourself.

Alby Glaister

Christie - Design & Photography

Christie Powers, Brahma Studios

We first crossed paths with Christie when she came to one of Carol's classes - turns out she's a seasoned yogi as well as a fantastic photographer and designer! Christie runs her own design studio in South Devon, Brahma Studios, working with a range of local startups.

Christie has a unique eye that catches those fleeting moments between poses, an enviable command of natural light and a touch of magic in her use of the wondrous South Devon landscape in her composition.

James - Tech, Founder

Alongside Carol, James founded The Yoga Body in 2017. The yin to Carol's yang, James does all of the web development and business admin while Carol focuses on tuition, training and marketing. Despite being a (complete) beginner when it comes to yoga, James is passionate about building an amazing platform for yoga teachers and helping Carol create a inclusive, friendly and supportive community of yogis.

James Richards

Who We Work With

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Free Soul Sistas

Almost all of the photography and design on our site is down to the wickedly talented Christie at Brahma Studios. We like her so much, we've added her to the TYB team!

Brahma Studios

Struggling to find a mat that would stand up to the stresses of hot, sweaty styles of yoga, Lara developed a fantastic cork-based yoga mat and started Cork Yogis. Not only are they brilliant mats, but by buying from Cork Yogis means you're supporting the wonderful Destiny Foundation.

Cork Yogis

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